Troubleshooting connections

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“Missing org id”

We route connections to the correct deployment with the help of the organization. By default, we display a connection string with a hostname that includes the organization name. However, this requires that the client you’re using properly supports SNI (Server Name Indication).

If you get an error like the following, it’s likely that your client does not support SNI:

missing org ID: pass it as an option, or subdomain in proxy or in database as '<org>/<db>'

To work around this, we also accept connection strings in this form:


The main difference is the organization name being provided as part of the database name.

For example, a deployment named “my_deployment” inside an organization named “my_org” would be formatted as:


Compute engines

If a compute engine is specified, the connection will not succeed if the engine is not already running, or is otherwise unreachable. You must manually start the engine in order for the connection to succeed.