Querying your data sources in GlareDB Cloud

GlareDB Cloud has an integrated SQL workspace that can be used to connect, query and manage data sources. From the main page, click the SQL workspace link for a deployment.

Deployment list

The SQL workspace contains various helpful features for exploring your data, querying your data and producing basic reports:

  • Schema explorer and search (available from the sidebar)
  • Recent queries (available from the sidebar)
  • Completion hints for tables and functions (available in the editor)
  • Exporting results (available from the results panel)

SQL workspace

Query syntax

Querying your data sources in GlareDB is simple. You can use familiar SELECT and JOIN statements. External tables do not need to be qualified. Tables on external databases require qualification.

For example, the following query for accesses an external database named example with a public schema containing a users table:

SELECT * FROM example.public.users;

For more information, refer to our guide on Working with your data and the SQL commands reference.

Hybrid Execution

You can connect to your GlareDB Cloud deployment locally using Hybrid Execution. Hybrid Execution is available in the GlareDB CLI as well as the GlareDB Python library.

Use your preferred Postgres client

You can connect to GlareDB with your preferred Postgres-compatible clients, such as psql. For more information on connections strings and passwords, refer to Connection Details and Managing Passwords.