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Connection details

Connection details for a deployment are displayed under Connection details on the deployment overview page. This section provides all information required to connect to your GlareDB deployment.

Connection details

Connection strings

GlareDB uses the Postgres wire protocol, and our connection strings follow the same format. A full connection generated by GlareDB will look like the following:


Breaking this down, we have the following information:

  • user: dEVytoQ7kXWZ (randomly generated by GlareDB)
  • password: glaredb_pw_2QgP0HFpMdteKrHpav7utHPVIsY7 (randomly generated by GlareDB)
  • hostname:
  • port: 6543
  • database: dedicated

The hostname also includes the organization which contains the deployment. In this example, the organization is “glaredbteam”.

Generating new passwords

Password are only ever shown once. Store your password somewhere secure, as it can never be retrieved again. In cases where you forget your password, simply generate a new one. There is a limit to how many passwords can be generated for a deployment.

A new username and password combo can be generated by clicking the New password button. A randomly generated username and password will be displayed. The password will only be displayed once.

New password

Also note that when a new password is generated, the connection string will be populated with that password allowing for easy copy and pasting into the client of your choice.

See Managing passwords for more on passwords.