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Deployments are the basic unit of compute in GlareDB and are responsible for executing SQL queries and accessing data sources.

Deployments inside an organization can be viewed from the Deployments page.

Org deployments

Dedicated vs serverless

Deployments come in two variants: dedicated and serverless.

Dedicated deployments are isolated from other tenants, and resource sizing can be configured to best fit the workload being run. Dedicated deployments are only available on a paid plan.

For more on plans, see plans and billing.

Serverless deployments run all workloads on a shared set of compute nodes. Resources are not guaranteed, and performance can fluctuate depending on activity. Serverless deployments are available on free and paid plans.

Creating deployments

Creating deployments can be done by clicking the Create deployment button. Note the number of deployments that can be created is limited based on the organization’s billing plan. If the organization is at its limit, this button will be disabled.

Create deployment dialog

Deleting deployments

At this time, data from a deleted deployment can never be recovered. As we work towards a stable version, we will implement tiered deletion options.

Deleting a deployment can be done from the deployment’s Settings page. From the Delete deployment tab, you’ll have the opportunity to delete a deployment.

Delete deployment