October 2023

GlareDB Pro

Available in: GlareDB Cloud

Compute and storage at scale for all of your data applications. Only pay for what you use: simple, powerful and flexible.

Read our announcement: Introducing GlareDB Pro or see our Pricing page for more information.

Get started by:

  • Signing up on https://console.glaredb.com
  • Click Upgrade in the top right, or navigate to the billing page through Settings > Manage Plan

PRQL support

Available in: GlareDB@v0.6.0, GlareDB Cloud

-- SQL
set dialect = 'prql';
# Python
con = glaredb.connect()
con.execute('set dialect = prql')

Read our article: Adding PRQL Support to GlareDB

Local cloud storage

Available in: GlareDB@v0.6.0

GlareDB fully supports cloud storage using GCS, S3, R2 and MinIO providers in Python and local CLI.

# Example for using S3 (and compatible stores) from CLI
glaredb \
  -l "s3://bucket/path" \
  -o access_key_id=key \
  -o secret_key_id=secret

Misc updates and fixes

Available in: GlareDB@v0.6.0

  • \timing command:

    > \timing
    Timing is on
    > select count(*) from lineitem;
    Time: 0.067s
  • Run SQL from a file as a script:

    glaredb path/file.sql

Available in: GlareDB@v0.6.0, GlareDB Cloud

  • DROP operation is supported for temporary tables
  • CREATE OR REPLACE support for native, temporary and external tables
  • IF NOT EXISTS support for temporary tables

Available in: GlareDB Python

  • glaredb.Connection.sql() now evaluates some operations eagerly.
  • Polars LazyFrames support