September 2023

Hybrid Execution

Available in: GlareDB@v0.5.0, GlareDB Cloud

Read our announcement: Hybrid Execution: Scale your workflow with GlareDB Cloud.

Utilize the power of cloud alongside your local machine to query data wherever it resides. You can SELECT and JOIN local data with all of the data in your cloud deployment. Query execution is optimized so that processing takes place both locally and remotely to minimize transport related overhead. You can use Hybrid Execution in both the GlareDB CLI and GlareDB Python library.

Get started by:

Available in: GlareDB@v0.5.1, GlareDB Cloud


can be used when running hybrid execution for metrics and details on how the query is executed.

SQL workspace improvements

Available in: GlareDB Cloud

  • The SQL workspace now contains command completion and hints for tables and table functions
  • The stability of the SQL workspace was drastically improved
  • Database users and SSH tunnels were added to the sidebar
  • A manual refresh button was added to the schema explorer

CREATE EXTERNAL delta and iceberg tables

Available in: GlareDB@v0.5.1, GlareDB Cloud

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE can now be used with delta and iceberg tables.

FROM delta
    location 'gs://<bucket_name>/<path_to_delta_table>',
    service_account_key '<gcp_service_account>'

Inferred table functions

Available in: GlareDB@v0.5.0, GlareDB Cloud

Table functions can now be inferred from files. Previously, to scan a CSV file you’d have to call csv_scan(...). Now, you can simply just query the file directly:

SELECT * FROM './customer_report.csv';

This works for remote files as well (try out the below query!):


Note that you will still need to use csv_scan where credentials need to be passed.

CLI completion history and hints

Available in: GlareDB@v0.5.0

  • You can now re-run multi-line commands - simply press ⬆️ to cycle through previously run commands.
  • The CLI now has improved command-completion hints using session history
  • You can now exit the CLI with exit or \q, in addition to CTRL-d

Dashboard design

Available in: GlareDB Cloud

The entirety of the GlareDB Cloud dashboard was redesigned with simpler navigation and views in mind. There are now three main pages:

  • The SQL workspace
  • The deployment list page (available by clicking the top-left GlareDB logo)
  • The unified settings page (available from the user dropdown > Settings)

In addition, we’ve improved the dialog for connecting a data source. You can now add an SSH Tunnel within the form, as well as retry failed connections. We also show you the exact SQL and output that’s running.

Additional BigQuery type support

Available in: GlareDB@v0.5.0, GlareDB Cloud

  • We now support Array, Record, Struct and Big Numeric types for BigQuery data sources

Misc updates and fixes

Available in: GlareDB@v0.5.0

  • The GlareDB Python library can now be installed in Microsoft Fabric

Available in: GlareDB@v0.5.0, GlareDB Cloud

  • list_columns(<database>, <schema>, <table>) table function was added

Available in: GlareDB@v0.5.1, GlareDB Cloud

  • ndjson_scan function can now be inferred for .ndjson file extensions
  • search_path can now be set in hybrid execution mode
  • CSVs with unnamed headers can now be scanned without erroring
  • list_columns works for native tables by setting "default" as the database.

    SELECT * FROM list_columns("default", <schema>, <table>);