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User account

Signing in

sign in

Go to, and click Sign in. You’ll see a widget with options to sign in and sign up.

You only need to sign up if using email/password, otherwise you can continue with Google.

Supported sign-in methods

GlareDB supports the following ways of signing in:

  • Google social sign-in
  • Email/password

Primary sign-in method

Currently you can only sign in using your primary sign-in method.

When you create your user account, the sign-in method you used is your primary sign-in method. In the future, you may link multiple methods to the same account.

If you see an error regarding email in use, sign out and use your primary sign-in method.

primary sign-in method

Signing out

To sign out, click the avatar in the top right of the dashboard and select the Sign out option from the menu.


Notifications can be accessed from the top right of the dashboard by clicking the bell icon. You will be notified if you have an invite to an organization that you have not yet accepted.