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What is GlareDB?

GlareDB is a database that provides a single SQL interface for accessing your data sources. With GlareDB you can query and join all of your data using just SQL. No need for complex ETL pipelines to move data around before being able to analyze it.

GlareDB is in Technical Preview and is generally available to everyone with a free tier. Get started at

What is a data source?

We currently support multiple databases and files in object storage. For example, you can join data existing in a Postgres database with a CSV in S3 using basic SQL.

Learn more about data sources

Where does GlareDB fit into your stack?

GlareDB sits between your data applications and your data sources. Any application or client that can communicate using the Postgres protocol can connect directly to GlareDB.

Where GlareDB fits

Fully managed

Whether you use our serverless (free) or dedicated (paid plan) databases, GlareDB is fully managed. With a few clicks, a GlareDB deployment will be ready and highly available for you to use.

Learn more about serverless and dedicated

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