A deployment is a fully-managed, logical instance of GlareDB. With a GlareDB Cloud deployment, you can access your data locally, in notebooks, and in applications.

Deployments inside an organization can be viewed from the main page, which can be accessed any time by clicking the GlareDB logo in the top left of the navigation.

deployment list

Creating deployments

Creating deployments can be done by clicking the Create deployment button. Note: the number of deployments that can be created is limited based on the organization’s billing plan. If the organization is at its limit, this button will be disabled.

Connecting to deployments

Connection details for a deployment can be accessed from the SQL workspace by clicking the Connect button.


About connection strings

CLI, Python, and Node.js connection strings utilize the glaredb:// protocol. When connecting through the glaredb:// protocol, all queries are executed in a hybrid manner. It is recommended to connect through this protocol when working locally, in notebooks or in officially supported language bindings.

GlareDB also supports the postgresql:// protocol. Simply click the Postgres tab of the connection dialog and copy the connection string. When connecting through the postgresql:// protocol, all execution occurs remotely. It is recommended to connect through this protocol where needed such as in languages that do not yet have officially supported bindings or psql and other Postgres clients.

Generating new passwords

A new username and password combo can be generated by clicking the New password button. A randomly generated username and password will be displayed. The password will only be displayed once.


Password are only ever shown once. Store your password somewhere secure, as it can never be retrieved again. In cases where you forget your password, you can generate a new one.

Deleting passwords

Credentials for the deployment are listed in the Database users panel, located from the sidebar of the SQL workspace. To delete a credential, click the three dot menu and select Remove.

manage passwords

Deleting deployments

At this time, data from a deleted deployment can never be recovered. As we work towards v1, we will implement tiered deletion options.

You can delete a deployment from the SQL workspace page. Click the name of the deployment in the navigation bar and from the menu, select Delete.