Supported integrations

GlareDB and GlareDB Cloud can be used with a wide range of other data tools using both Postgres protocols and GlareDB’s interoperability with Pandas and Polars DataFrames.

Postgres protocols

GlareDB lets you connect using a Postgres connection string, which means that data tools that can connect to Postgres may just work with GlareDB.

GlareDB Cloud

If you click the Connect button in Cloud, you will see a window which shows a few possibilities for connection strings. Select Postgres to get a connection string that you can use to connect.

GlareDB local

Using GlareDB locally? You can spin up GlareDB as a local Postgres server using

./glaredb server --data-dir <path to storage directory>

Then you can connect using


(The username and password don’t matter.)


If you find a bug when connecting GlareDB with another data tool, please let us know! We are always working to improve the quality and test coverage of integrations with GlareDB.

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