Data sources

GlareDB can connect to a broad range of external data sources so that you readily query your data and join them together no matter where they live.

Supported data sources

Connecting data sources using SQL

Define new data sources with CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE or CREATE EXTERNAL DATABASE. You can add new data sources to a GlareDB instance at any time. There are no restrictions on the number of data sources you can configure.

Example: Postgres data source

Add a Postgres database to GlareDB CREATE EXTERNAL DATABASE:

glare=> CREATE EXTERNAL DATABASE external_db
    FROM postgres
        host = '',
        port = '5432',
        user = 'glaredb',
        password = 'password',
        database = 'glaredb_test',

This operation creates an entry in the GlareDB catalog for the Postgres database glaredb_test which is accessible as external_db. All of the tables and resources within this Postgres database are now addressable by GlareDB queries.

GlareDB validates the connection when you create the external database and returns any error immediately, as in:

ERROR:  External database validation failed: Failed to connect to Postgres
instance: error connecting to server: Connection refused (os error 111)

If there are no validation errors, the data source is available to query from within the deployment. GlareDB will not save invalid data sources.

Connecting data sources using GlareDB Cloud

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