CSV and Parquet files in S3 storage are able to be used as an external data source.

S3 file as an external table

CSV and Parquet files can be added as an external table through the CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE command.

table-name will be the name of the database inside GlareDB. table-name may optionally be qualified with a schema name.

 FROM s3
  access_key_id = '<access-key-id>',
  secret_access_key = '<secret-access-key>',
  region = '<region>',
  bucket = '<bucket>',
  location = '<location>'

Table options

Field Description
access_key_id AWS access key id (associated to secret_access_key)
secret_access_key AWS access key secret (associated to access_key_id)
region AWS Region of your bucket
bucket The name of the bucket
location The path to the file, relative to the bucket root