The SQL standard for UPDATE is large and powerful so that you can update rows from a table with precise control. GlareDB supports most of the PostgreSQL UPDATE syntax and will eventually have full support.


UPDATE table_name
    SET column = value_expr [, ...]
    [ WHERE condition ]
Field Description
table_name The fully-qualified table name to update (ex: public.users)
column A column to update. Column is not qualified (ex: name)
value_expr An SQL expression that evaluates to the column value
condition An SQL expression that evaluates to a boolean


Update all rows from table table1 and set value of col1 to 3.

UPDATE table1
  SET col1 = 3;

Update rows from table table2 and set columns col1 and col2 to 2 and 4 respectively, where column col2 has value 3.

UPDATE table2
  SET col1 = 2, col2 = 4
  WHERE col2 = 3;